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Healthy Monthly Meal Planner

You know and feel the power of a homemade meal. The moment the aroma of your mother's holiday table wafts around you, the memory of your first secret supper club, or setting foot into what will be your new favorite restaurant. Savoring a meal is sometimes the only meditation in this hectic world, yet it has become more and more a luxury as we are left with little time for basic joys. Pick Me Meal Club is your respite by making it easier and cheaper to follow a healthy, creatively prepared, whole foods plant-based diet through our one of a kind monthly meal planner app. Each week members receive our monthly vegetarian meal plan subscription with vegan options, budget conscious shopping lists, and handcrafted recipes that make sure you'll have everything you need, without wasted food at the end of the week. We are the first and only meal planner online that partners with world renowned restaurant chefs to deliver exciting whole foods meal ideas straight to you based on their famous menus and bestselling vegetarian dishes. We want to connect you to the idea of farm-to-table as a lifestyle, not a trend, while celebrating the beauty of knowing where your last meal came from.


How It Works?

Shopping Lists & Meal Plans

Each member receives a healthy monthly meal planner and grocery list, which details all the necessary ingredients, and is emailed to you each week. Planning nutritious vegetarian or vegan meals can be time consuming, overwhelming and hard to plan on a budget. Every week we put together convenient meal planner ideas that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. 

Recipes & Resources

We love to cook, and enjoy a stack of cookbooks at the bedside table. If you don't feel the same, let us help! We love the challenge of creating a tasty and plant-based diet. We’ve compiled all our favorites to share with you. Then check out our resources section for answers to those pressing and not-so-pressing questions about healthy eating. 




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We pay homage to the most dreamy bountiful season -- autumn! We'll be partnering with Chef Stephanie Hoban from the highly anticipated expanding Ripe Cuisine based out of Houston, Texas for a thrilling take on seasonal home cooking.